High functionality

System features

What you can do with FrontMan ?

System features

FrontMan software is a system for remote operation via the Internet, intended for use by your company. Modern and proven tool used every day by hundreds of users. Among the features provided are, inter alia:

  • Self-service by users at any time,
  • Verification of orders - no errors in entering orders,
  • Automatic orders pricing,
  • Warning and blocking access to the debtors of the company (read mode),
  • Unrestricted access to the complete archive of time orders,
  • Access to business records and inventory,
  • Internet service complaints,
  • Print single and bulk orders, complaints, commercial documents, warehouse etc.,
  • Export data to external file formats, eg .: Excel, HTML, CSV, XML.

And furthermore:

  • Constant contact with users via messaging module,
  • Easy-to-use advertising campaigns,
  • Languages ​​for foreign contractors,
  • Two levels of users,
  • Site support and assistance containing instructions on how to work with the system.

Supported assortment

There are no restrictions regarding the products and services supported by the system FrontMan. We cater to any range found in the furniture industry, including:

  • Fronts coated straight and bent,
  • Fronts raw straight and bent,
  • Foiled fronts patinated simple and bent,
  • Fronts coated gloss,
  • Veneered fronts,
  • Lacquered fronts straight and bent,
  • Aluminum fronts,
  • Foiled moldings, painted, veneered,
  • Sets fronts,
  • Handles,
  • Furniture boards,
  • Worktops,
  • Furniture edges,
  • Accessories,
  • Services.