The modular desing

System modules

Which modules do you use ?


Do you have something important to tell ? Changing the office hours ? New products ? Quick information for your client.


The crux of the matter - to create and send orders. Quickly, safely, with full information on the valuation and the date of production. Open 24 hours a day.


And if something goes wrong ? Complaints over the Internet ? Why not. You make complaints, print documents, carry or ship your merchandise and your claim is waiting for consideration.


This interesting module will allow your customers to create their own users. Sounds complicated ? It's very simple. If your client is an intermediary (eg .: wholesale) he can create their own logins. They can create and send their own orders, of course, the prior approval of the intermediary. We call it the two levels of customer service.


Everything that is related to finance - in one place. Need a copy of the invoice or bill ? Why the client could not have done it alone ?


Reliable information can never have too much. Detailed data warehouse movements at your fingertips.

Information / Import / Other

Would you like to submit to the Client warranty / cooperation or delivery schedule ? Your client is a manufacturer of different industry and has its own electronic format for the order ? Or maybe you have an idea for your own module ?